Kai is going to thrive. He is going to score some top goals this season. He'll click faster than most people think! Him and Odegaard look like a potential midfield duo.  I hope Mikel Arteta allows Thomas Partey and Jorginho to compete in our league and cup games. They really could come in clutch. Jurrien Timber on the other hand! A problem to say the least. There's so much Mikel Arteta can do with this team! Let me know in the comments.


If my grandfather were alive today, he'd be so happy to see what Arsenal is today. What Mikel Arteta brought to the club cannot be put into words. I'm grateful. I know my grandpa is too!  I'm excited to see these gentlemen in their process as they all develop. Arsenal have enough depth to compete in Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and Carabao Cup. Seriously! The process matters the most. I have so much faith in these gentlemen. Go for it all this season . For my grandfather. COYG
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In the vibrant musical landscape of Cape Town, one rising star stands out — Junior, the epitome of talent and innovation. With an unmatched passion for music, I have seamlessly blended genres, creating a signature sound that captivates audiences. My dedication to honing my craft is evident in each note and lyric, showcasing a unique style that resonates with diverse audiences. Embracing a tireless work ethic, I consistently push boundaries, delivering performances that leave a lasting impression. Beyond musical prowess, my commitment to community engagement and collaboration sets me apart, fostering a harmonious and supportive artistic environment. As the crescendo of my career builds, it is undeniable that I am the greatest up-and-coming musician in our city, poised to make waves in the broader musical landscape.